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We are not a Company but a Family of the Lord

Holymicrophone is all about God's Music by God's People. Here at Holymicrophone we represent and Promote only the best Gospel music Artist. Only the most Heart felt Productive, Innovative and uplifting Disciples of Christ are on our board.


Finding Talent

Holymicrophone Works with some of the most talented and Blessed People in the Industry. We have a full staff of A.R Representatives that are constantly listening to find the next best Gospel music


Your Music Goals

Holymicrophone is always on the look out for the new fresh sound. Once we have selected you onto our roster ,You will have access to a community of Gods People who are doing the same thing as you Spreading the good word of the great Book 


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We love meeting artists in every stage of their music careers. Reach out to see what we can do for you.


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